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I have been playing football, table tennis, and badminton since I was a child. I used to play basketball a lot during my high school. At the age of eighteen, I started rock climbing for about four years. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to pursue it after leaving Iran. I started playing volleball since I arrived in Germany in 2006, but I quit when I started developing a herniated disc in the neck (something I pretty much got rid of with the help of my beloved osteopath Mrs Geldschläger. Currently I am only going regularly to fitness studio and play soccer every now and then. I would love to start rock climbing again at some point. And of course I am a big fan of dancing, especially Salsa.


I mostly read about topics related to history, politics, management, and science. Rarely do I read novels, however, Les Misérables is by far one of the best and most influencial novels I have ever read. It changed my perspective to life completely. Below you can take a look at a snapshot of some of my favorite books (in English). See the up-to-date list of my owned and favorite books on Goodreads.


I almost like very genre, as long as the storyline is interesting and intellectually appealing and the acting is acceptable. I generally don't like love stories and family dramas. I like action movies, especially those with spectacular special effect such as Matrix or Avatar. I particulary like movies with surprising endings such as The Others, Oldboy, or The Sixth Sense. Here a snapshot of some of my favorite movies. See the complete list on IMDB.

TV shows

The same concept for liking a movie applies to TV shows as well. I admire intelligently written comedy shows such as Coupling, Seinfeld, or Curb Your Enthusiasm. I also like shows with twisted multi-dimensional side stories and exciting storyline such as The Shield or Sherlock. What I don't like are mediocre TV shows like Friends or simple dramas such as Grey's Anatomy. Here a snapshot of some of my favorite TV shows. See the complete list on IMDB.

TED Talks

Hier you may find my favorite TED talks.

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